Community Voices

I’m keeping my same health plan, so that I can still have you as my doctor, whom I trust with my life. After twenty years of your care, I don’t plan to change. I feel that you have cared for me as your mother. I thank you.

-Marie, San Clemente

Congratulations to Dr. Darshana Kadakia for her medical knowledge and service to San Clemente and its neighboring areas for the past twenty-five years! Not feeling well and dissatisfied with the lack of attention I was receiving from my physician, at the suggestion of a number of friends who knew of Dr. Kadakia’s compassion and medical expertise, I called and scheduled an appointment. Lucky me, because under Dr. Kadakia’s personalized care, I have been blessed with improved health, translating into a better lifestyle. Dr. Kadakia, residents in the local communities are very appreciative of your medical professionalism and we wish you continued success.

-Adele, Capistrano Beach

I am currently a patient of Dr. Darshana Kadakia and have been seeing her since January 2009. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Kadakia and have benefited greatly from a more specific and supplement augmented approach to my medical issues. Since I have been coming to see Dr. Kadakia, I feel great and have not only an increase in energy and overall health, but an increase in savings without the costly outlay each month for prescription medications. I am extremely grateful for the integrated approach to my care under Dr. Kadakia.

-Nancy, San Clemente